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Cloud server

Move Your Work to the Cloud

You can easily transfer accounting and financial software (e.g., 1C:Enterprise), reporting tools (e.g., M.E.Doc), "client-bank" applications, and other necessary programs for work (CRM systems, electronic document management systems, company knowledge bases, file archives, corporate email, etc.) to a virtual server outside the office and, if needed, outside of Ukraine.

Cloud Benefits

If you store documents, archives, and other important information in the cloud, unauthorized individuals or third parties cannot access this data. Another crucial advantage of working in the cloud is powerful and reliable IT equipment, which requires significant financial investment in purchasing, servicing, and upgrading resources when hosted in your own office. Additionally, reflecting changes from users in the working environment may occur with a delay, and employees may only have access to programs within the office. Essential needs include constant communication between employees and quick information updates in the working space.

Who Will Find Hosting Programs and Applications in the Cloud Convenient?

Business Managers and Owners  

Moving programs and documents to virtual servers provides protection against data loss, theft, unauthorized access, and third-party interference. Your data will be restored even after virus attacks or technical failures, as we provide backup options without additional charges. Furthermore, all IT resources are easily scalable, eliminating the need to spend time and money on their replacement. Thanks to mobility, you can track all changes and actions of employees in the working environment. Due to the introduction of quarantine restrictions, there is an opportunity to organize full-fledged remote work for employees from home.  

Company Employees  

Remote cloud-based accounting makes work easier for all users by ensuring rapid data updates in programs and documents, as well as providing the ability to work at any time.

Why a Virtual Dedicated Server, Why Us?

1. You won't need to spend money on purchasing expensive IT equipment.

2. We do everything to ensure a high level of user data protection.

3. You won't have to worry about preserving your data in the database and constantly perform backup copies. In our data center, your "1C: Enterprise" is under reliable protection, regardless of any circumstances (office equipment failure, laptop theft, purchasing new computers for accounting).

4. Secure channel encryption ensures that no one, besides your employees, will have access to the database.

5. Database availability 24/7. During quarantine or in regular periods, while on vacation or on sick leave, your employee can stay in touch and, in case of problems, connect to the database remotely. Any number of users can also connect to the database with the appropriate rights. All they need is to have a computer with internet access. Access to the database will be available around the clock.

6. You will work in familiar applications for you and your employees, eliminating the need for retraining.

7. You can connect remotely, having any desktop or mobile operating system (32-bit or 64-bit) – Windows, Linux, iOS, MacOS, or Android.

8. Convenient payment. Support for various payment options: bank transfer, terminal, card in Privat24, Monobank, and others.

9. Increase or decrease the number of resources and create additional workspaces in just a few minutes.

The cost of services is determined individually based on the client's needs