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Promotions and discounts

Promotion for Corporate Clients "6 by 50"

In order to support the opening and development of new businesses in Ukraine, particularly in Lviv, we offer a 50% discount on the subscription fee for 6 months to all our corporate clients who launched their business less than six months ago. This promotion cannot be combined with other promotions.



Promotion "Patriot Plan"

Special plan for new subscribers with a unique annual payment, allowing significant savings.




Акція Приведи друга від інтернет-провайдера КопійкаPromotion "Refer a Friend"

Any existing subscriber of the "Kopiyka" provider can recommend our services, and in the case of connecting a new subscriber, the existing subscriber will receive a bonus credited to his account equivalent to the monthly subscription fee.

Moreover, the subscriber who was referred upon connection, will receive 200 UAH credited to his account!

Instructions for activating this promotion can be found in your personal account, in the "Refer a Friend" (ukr. "Приведи друга") section.

This promotion does not apply to corporate subscribers.



Loyalty program. Have you been using the services of "Kopyika" Internet provider for a while? It's time to reap the rewards of loyalty!

We've introduced a special loyalty program for all our subscribers. Depending on how long you've been with us, each recharge earns you a certain percentage in your bonus account. The longer you stay with us, the more bonuses you accumulate. 

Bonuses can be used to top up your main account and order additional services.                
1 bonus is equivalent to 1 UAH, and they never expire.

You can join the loyalty program in your personal account. Your 'tenure' is counted not from the moment you join the loyalty program but from the actual time of using our services! (Some have been with us for over 10 years already).

With the loyalty program activated and payment for 10 months or more, you receive a special bonus equivalent to 2 times your subscription fee (meaning you get 2 months for free). Your tenure is not taken into account in this case.

  • *You can join the loyalty program if you have a minimum "tenure" of 3 months as a subscriber.
  • *Bonuses are credited for any number of recharges (but the amount of each recharge must be greater than 50 UAH).
  • Bonuses are credited only for prepaid payments. For example, if your account balance is -10 UAH and you pay 200 UAH, the bonus will be credited for the amount of 190 UAH. (Therefore, it is advisable to make payments in the last days of the month, not on the 1st, as the subscription fee is deducted overnight from the 31st to the 1st day).
  • This is an ongoing program available to all subscribers.
  • In the future, the terms of the loyalty program may be subject to change at the discretion of the provider.
  • Legal entities cannot use bonuses to top up their account, but they can be used for additional services (such as turbo button, credit work, etc.).



Discount for ATO Participant

For participants in hostilities (ATO, JFO - Joint Forces Operation, Russo-Ukrainian War) and families of deceased participants, a special 20% discount on internet service access is permanently available.

To receive the discount, simply visit our office with documents confirming your status.