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High title of "Leader of the Year 2018"

According to the National Business Rating survey, "Kopiyka" Internet provider (LLC "Servisnet") has been recognized as one of the most efficient enterprises in Ukraine in its field. The prestigious award "Leader of the Year 2018" serves as confirmation of the high status, reliability, and efficiency of our business operations.

Like any significant achievement, this honorable award became possible thanks to the persistent work of our team and the managerial qualities of our leadership. It is also the embodiment of innovative and interesting ideas that have found a response among our subscribers, as any business is impossible without understanding its consumer base and their needs.

The brilliant implementation of ideas often impresses with its simplicity, but behind the scenes lies days and months of meticulous work and efforts of each employee. Today, our company offers customers the following services:

• High-speed Internet access

• OTT television

• Video surveillance

• Provision of channels (L2, VPN)

• Rental of VOLZ, cwdm

• Colocation, VPS (Lviv)

For this, we constantly evolve and implement innovative solutions in our work. The driving force behind our success is our team, consisting of more than 20 highly qualified employees.

We take pride in the title "Leader of the Year 2018" as it confirms the correctness of our chosen path, demonstrates the effectiveness of our work, and guarantees the high quality of services we provide to our subscribers. This award also reflects our standards of honest and transparent business conduct and a significant contribution to the economic development of the country. The National Business Rating has been conducting business rankings in Ukraine for 14 years and is one of the most authoritative in the field of assessing business efficiency.

Our company will continue to improve and expand its coverage. We will introduce new and innovative services, with the utmost attention always being given to the reliability and quality of the services we provide.