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Speed testing

You can check your internet speed on the website www.speedtest.net.

Internet speed can be influenced by various factors that do not always depend on the Internet service provider:

  • Technical specifications of your equipment
  • Connection not through cable, but through Wi-Fi (for accurate results, it is recommended to test speed only through a cable connection)
  • The bandwidth of "100-megabit" network cards, which in reality does not exceed 85-95 Mbps (in cheaper models, this can be as low as 35-40 Mbps)
  • The bandwidth of some "1000-megabit" network cards may also not transmit such speed.
  • Overload of a specific resource (a large number of users connecting to a specific resource simultaneously)
  • Antivirus with network traffic filtering function.
  • Background program downloads.

If you are sure that you don't have these problems, and your internet speed does not match your tariff plan, please contact us, and we will definitely resolve the issue.